Morning has broken and The International Big Sit has started!
Do come and help me out during the day!

Photo: ©Christian Cederroth

So many species… we need all these counters to keep track of them…

Just kidding. But along this Öland Arctic flyway we do count Geese, Duck, Raptors etc.

A Caspian Gull on migration from our lighthouse perspective:

Photo: CC

I went away for some time to lay my dear Zeiss Victory (still excellent) down in its sarcophagus.

Only to gear up with the new Zeiss Victory HT (High Transmission); they’re simply OUTSTANDING!
And yes, I still sell Zeiss and Gitzo, best prices in Sweden… 😉

And The Big Sit! winner is… [as always] – Cape May Point! An incredible 134 species in 24 hrs.
Segerstads fyr at sixth place still, but I don’t think all circles have reported as yet.
Check here for the standings!